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manoah: (Default)
Saturday, September 16th, 2017 04:13 pm
Do you remember when the Dairy Queen or Tastee Freeze or whatever would close down for the season? Even in Tucson, when I was growing up, our Dairy Queen closed in the fall and reopened in the spring. We have a place like that near here.

It's actually in Chilcoot, CA which is about 30 miles or so as the crow flies. I had heard that this was the last weekend they were open this year and opined to His Lordship that it would make a nice drive. I like a drive with a destination (and treat!) in mind.

After getting home from teaching my yoga class, we ate lunch and then headed out in the MINI. The Chilcoot Frosty is an institution in these here parts. The first time we went the kids were wee and we'd been camping. Such a treat! Little did I know at the time that people really did drive in from Reno/Sparks to partake!

After a small, swirled cone we decided to drive up a bit further to Frenchman's Lake. This is where we'd been camping, lo those many years ago. We like to camp on the creek rather than the lake proper.

That lake has been lots of fun for us throughout the years from camping (our first family camp trip - it poured!) to ice fishing to now the kids going up with their friends.

Home now. Fun times, good memories.
manoah: (Default)
Friday, September 15th, 2017 10:12 am
I haven't really been posting actual content, just meme-ing (is that a word? it should be!).

I've been trying to get His Lordship to go to bed earlier than 10pm as he has to be up at 4:45 every morning and it's starting to 'show'. Grumpy is as grumpy does. He wants (at least it's my perception) me to go get in bed with him even if it's only 9pm. That's not gonna work every night for me. I've always been a night owl, he's an early riser. It's a work in progress, but the man definitely needs more sleep. He's be perfectly content to be on the afternoon shift (2nd shift), so he'd be working from say 3pm to 11pm. I absolutely abhorred that shift when the kids were little; it was like being a single mother. No thank you. Now, he doesn't have a choice but to be on 1st shift with his new position as Tech Manager (I think that's what it's called). The hours are set at 6am to 2pm. Hmmm, maybe he needs to nap more. *ponders*

I don't have to teach this afternoon as it's the 10th anniversary of the studio being opened and there is an open house celebration. I still need to be there from 4-6pm, but just for schmoozing purposes. I'm hoping a few new people show up, that would be swell. I think things are going well, she just hired a new instructor and added two new classes. Hope springs!

It's getting cooler here (finally!) and the Chilcoot (CA) Frosty (it's a destination spot!) is getting ready to close down for the year. I think we'll head up there for lunch after I teach on Saturday. A MINI adventure!

Today I'm trying to get some stains out of the bedroom carpet (have I mentioned how much I despise carpet???) and then I'm going to work on organizing my mom's paperwork. It's exceeding the boundaries of the basket I've been using.

I'm off!