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manoah: (Default)
Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 08:43 am
Sadly, we have about 5 fires going on around our community. None of them are at 50% containment yet and most are outlying so no structures are threatened...yet.

It just makes me so sad as, right now, they are predicting that all of these were human started. Either by shooting guns or fireworks out in the desert.

What is wrong with people?

manoah: (WTF)
Monday, September 20th, 2010 05:04 pm
His Lordship and I went to a wedding on Saturday evening for the son of some very old friends of ours. I have known D for close to 30 years. She’s a doll. She and her husband J would pretty much give you the shirts off their backs. D has had a rough life. When I met her, her mother was beating her. She had an infant daughter and got no help/support from the father or the father’s family (they were wealthy). Her life is always filled with drama. But I love her.

That we wound up in the same city after meeting in Tucson is…fate. We can go for weeks, nay, months, without talking to each other then pick right up where we’d left off. Most of her day to day friends just don’t get it. No matter, it works for us.

Without being cruel, I will say that D and J have champagne tastes and a beer way of living.

Their son B failed to graduate from high school, took a job as a security guard and met his (now) wife at a concert. They live in NM. The wedding was here. The bride’s family did not help at all. Not monetarily, not with emotional support, nothing. They wouldn't pay for a wedding in NM, so D said she's do it here.

The venue was gorgeous. The decorations were flawless. The cake was beautiful. D did it all.

The wedding started an hour late. The bridesmaids dresses were lovely, dark gray strapless and flowy. All the better to showcase the many and varied tattoos. Which did not go with the elegant dresses. We couldn’t tell if the groomsmen were tatted; they all wore long sleeves and suitcoats. His Lordship and I raised our eyebrows until we saw the bride. Two full tat sleeves to go with her strapless, beautiful wedding dress. We later discussed that this is going to be the way of things as more and more people are tattooed.

After pictures and before the buffet, someone who we thought would be acting as the MC for the evening handed the mic over to the best man for a toast. A rambling story about how the two young men met (threatening to “beat the shit” out of each other), a long story about high school and a very brief, “have a great life” was the uncomfortable toast. Next she handed the mic to the groom and asked him to introduce his groomsmen and tell us all how he’d met them. More rambling. Then it happened. He said, “I’m sure you’ve all met my mother and if you haven’t you’ll hear her soon enough.” Dead silence from everyone over the age of 25. He quickly backpedalled, but the damage was done. D never smiled again that night.

Another 30 minutes of rambling stories and not-toasts and the buffet line began. I told His Lordship we could leave after they cut the cake. Next thing we know everyone is outside for Karaoke. J has his own Karaoke set up; it’s his sideline job. The bride’s sister sang a special song, then the J sang a song for the couple (picked out by the groom). It was a country song that had the lyrics:
“Baby lock the door and turn the lights down low
Put some music on that's soft and slow
Baby we ain't got no place to go
I hope you understand

I’ve been thinking 'bout this all day long
Never felt a feeling quite this strong
I can't believe how much it turns me on
Just to be your man”

Which was just creepy. Srsly.

That was when we decided we needed to go. We never did get cake.