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Thursday, November 4th, 2010 07:43 am
I ran some errands after school yesterday. One of the things I did was to pick up some items for my mom. Seems the "cruise" director position at her place still hasn't been filled and the shopping "excursions" are still hit or miss.

Surprisingly, she was in her room when I stopped by. I think she no likey the temp. cruise director and stays out of the room when she can. Mom's good. Looks healthy, seems chipper. The piles on her table seem smaller, which is a good thing. Her living room and bedroom are clutter free. I can't comment on the state of the drawers and cupboards though. I have a feeling they are filling up.

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The good thing is I know she's safe. She's well fed, she's being given her meds regularly and there is no self-medicating anymore. She's getting to know more of the other residents and seems to be making some friends. She isn't dwelling on the negatives and she seems to be happy. Mom's going to be 75 on Monday and I hope she's around for lots more years.
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Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 07:34 am
I have given up trying to do these everyday. I'm going to finish, but it might be around Christmas! Ha! I'm enjoying doing this and reading everyone else's.

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Sunday, September 26th, 2010 09:56 pm
It only took me four days to fail the post every day thing. Ah well. These things happen.

I didn't get home from the Candy Dance until 6pm, then it was cook, eat, clean, collapse. The temperatures were in the mid to high 90's and the heat sucked all the life from me.

We had a fine time of it though. My friend K picked me up at 10 and it took us two hours to get there (we sat in traffic for close to an hour, it was that busy). We were okay with that though, as we haven't had an opportunity to yack in quite awhile. This gave us the perfect chance. Although the Candy Dance started as a fund raiser for the little town of Genoa (pronounce that Jen-O-ah), it's now a big craft fair. The fund raising part is still the sale of the homemade candy and the local food booths.

The important part is what I purchased. The following:

1. A "spoon" cuff for my friend K in Alaska. She tried to find one here at the Rib cookoff but was disappointed. I was so excited when I found it.
2. A 1961 dime charm. Sterling silver dime. For my charm bracelet.
3. Two leather cuff bracelets for the Princelings.
4. CANDY! Almond Bark, English Toffee, Peanut Brittle and Fudge (no nuts). Nom!

Today was sleep in, do laundry, pick up stuff, make dinner, make tomorrow's dinner, visit mom, run errands. Mom is good. Still big with the paranoia, the losing of things in her little apartment. Still doesn't want me to throw anything away. I managed to pry a newspaper from July 25 off her table and took it with me to recycle. But she's safe and healthy. All is good.

I'm going to watch "Sister Wives" and then go to bed. Tomorrow is gonna be a heck of a day.

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Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 10:20 pm
My apologies to Dan Wakefield for the title. (James at 15 was my favorite show of the time). Yes, The Spare is 15 today. He's been bouncing around like Tigger all day. Hee. The Heir got him a Perry the Platypus t-shirt and one of his "lady" friends gave him a box of brownie mix. He says she's a lazy lady friend. *snerk* He requested Olive Garden for dinner and we came home with enough food that I won't have to cook tomorrow night. Red Velvet cake for dessert. I am so full.

My mom called while we were out. She remembered it was his birthday. I'm to give him $50 from her account. Then we got to her current drama. Seems the nice lady she's bonded with who does all the activities was "let go". Mom is devastated. And she's manufacturing drama. She seems to think that because they were friends that she'll be somehow penalized now that she's gone. She thinks that the "big boss" will know if she calls her on the phone. Her paranoia gets worse every time I talk to her. She wants me to call the lady and "just give her a friendly voice". Honestly, I have no idea if the lady was fired, quit or what. I do know that she and I talked about her getting work at the school district, so I know she wasn't planning on keeping this job forever. I'm sorry my mom is so upset, but I'm sure she'll get along with new person. She's also lost her watch but she's sure "no one sneaked in and stole it". Uh huh. I need to go over there this weekend and de-clutter her. She puts things away and then can't remember where they are. I better do it this weekend, as next week at work is going to be a bear.

We have this new online testing program that is supposed to start on Monday, but the file hasn't been uploaded to our server yet. The file with all the student info? Yeah, kinda need it. We are at the mercy of this company. I've been told that I'm looking at about 20 hours of overtime every week we have this testing. And I can only take comp time. Lovely.

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