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2017-07-11 02:42 pm
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Crafty Tuesday - Revisited

It's been a while since I've been crafty. I was asked to make mermaid tail otter pop holders. I guess it's a thing. I had some leftover yarn from the actual mermaid tails and since it was for those particular ya go!

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2017-07-05 08:43 am
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Sadly, we have about 5 fires going on around our community. None of them are at 50% containment yet and most are outlying so no structures are threatened...yet.

It just makes me so sad as, right now, they are predicting that all of these were human started. Either by shooting guns or fireworks out in the desert.

What is wrong with people?

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2017-07-04 09:11 am
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Happy 4th of July!

Remember; Friends, Family, Food and moderation!
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2017-07-01 09:20 am
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(no subject)

A most Happy Birthday to [personal profile] desdemonaspace! I think of you every day! (Fiesta!!!)
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2017-06-05 08:14 am
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Last Week

5 more days kids. Five. More. Days.
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2017-05-10 02:00 pm
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It's a Perfume Post!

And it's really long! And with pictures (I hope!)

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2017-05-05 08:34 am
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Seems I've done something to my left knee. Although I don't think it's my knee. I think I sprained, bruised, something, my left quadriceps muscle when I was doing reclining hero the other day. The knee itself doesn't hurt, but the outside is slightly swollen. After I iced it this morning it went down. Hmmm.

I shall be very careful with it during teaching today and tomorrow. Man, getting old is not for the faint of heart!

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2017-04-28 10:53 am
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Feud Thoughts

We just finished watching the finale of “Feud: Bette and Joan” on FX. (Thanks, OnDemand!) Here are my thoughts, in no particular order.

I found this show to be delightful. We looked forward to watching it every week. The performances were nuanced as well as spot on by the two lead actors.

Re: ageism and sexism in Old(?) Hollywood. One of the things I found the most fascinating was the ages of Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. This series focused on the time period of 1960 to 1977/1978. The movie, “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” came out in 1962 which means it was probably/possibly made in 1961. In 1961 Bette Davis was 53 years old. Joan Crawford was 57. The actors playing them? Susan Sarandon is 70 playing a 53 year old; Jessica Lange is 67, playing a 67 year old. Both Sarandon and Lange look years younger than their counterparts.

I realize that Davis and Crawford were both hard drinkers and smokers. And I suppose it’s possible that Sarandon and Davis have had some “work” done. It still boggles. It makes me feel extremely sympathetic towards Davis and Crawford (and even towards Sarandon, Lange and all female actors of a “certain” age) and all of the tumult they went through to just keep working.
There has been some buzz about a fantasy scene in the final episode. Without spoiling, I felt it was a fitting summing up of both women’s careers and how they, possibly, really felt about each other.

I like to think this was a love letter to both women. They had their weaknesses, their pettiness but mostly they had greatness. We should always remember.
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2011-04-25 02:14 pm

Giving It A Try

I'm trying this crossposting thing. Nothing to see here, move along.
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2011-04-03 08:28 pm

I Do Not Dream

I really need to start cross posting. My bad.
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2010-11-07 11:36 am
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Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby

You'd think by now I'd know that getting my butt moving helps me:

  • sleep better

  • be more alert

  • eat less

  • lower my bp

  • be more tolerant of nutjobs

Why can't I seem to remember that????
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2010-11-04 07:43 am
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Mom Stuff

I ran some errands after school yesterday. One of the things I did was to pick up some items for my mom. Seems the "cruise" director position at her place still hasn't been filled and the shopping "excursions" are still hit or miss.

Surprisingly, she was in her room when I stopped by. I think she no likey the temp. cruise director and stays out of the room when she can. Mom's good. Looks healthy, seems chipper. The piles on her table seem smaller, which is a good thing. Her living room and bedroom are clutter free. I can't comment on the state of the drawers and cupboards though. I have a feeling they are filling up.

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The good thing is I know she's safe. She's well fed, she's being given her meds regularly and there is no self-medicating anymore. She's getting to know more of the other residents and seems to be making some friends. She isn't dwelling on the negatives and she seems to be happy. Mom's going to be 75 on Monday and I hope she's around for lots more years.
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2010-10-20 12:15 pm
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Smile for the Camera!

Post with content may happen soon. Or not. We'll see.

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2010-10-19 07:34 am

8 Days a Week

I have given up trying to do these everyday. I'm going to finish, but it might be around Christmas! Ha! I'm enjoying doing this and reading everyone else's.

Day 13 - This week, in great detail )

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2010-10-18 10:29 am
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On Little Cat Feet

I walked outside and thought for certain sure I had been transported to London.

I'm sure the fog will burn off and it will just drizzle today. Good thing I have two umbrellas in my bag!
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2010-10-14 10:08 am

Bag Lady

Oh kids, did you ever luck out! I have two, count 'em - two!, bags today. I'm leaving directly from work to go to the grocery store so I have my purse as well as my school bag. ;)
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