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Thursday, November 4th, 2010 07:43 am
I ran some errands after school yesterday. One of the things I did was to pick up some items for my mom. Seems the "cruise" director position at her place still hasn't been filled and the shopping "excursions" are still hit or miss.

Surprisingly, she was in her room when I stopped by. I think she no likey the temp. cruise director and stays out of the room when she can. Mom's good. Looks healthy, seems chipper. The piles on her table seem smaller, which is a good thing. Her living room and bedroom are clutter free. I can't comment on the state of the drawers and cupboards though. I have a feeling they are filling up.

She had a list of questions for me, mostly about her upcoming birthday (on Mon.). We plan to bring her dinner and dessert Monday evening. I've been telling her for a month. I reserved the little "country kitchen" so we'd all have a place to sit and eat. I had originally thought about buying a huge sheet cake and sharing with the whole place, but His Lordship talked me down off that ledge. Mom's confused about when we are coming. For some reason she thinks it's going to be Saturday afternoon. Ummm, no. His Lordship is working and we'll be there on Monday and yes, I've reserved the place. This may prove to be a bit of a challenge. However, since Sunday night is 'fall back' I'll be there to change her clocks. There is no Daylight Saving Time in AZ so this is a new thing for her. Plus I think I'll bring her some balloons for her birthday...just for fun.

I got her a few presents; a new purse and one of those purse hanger things that let you hang your purse off a table. She carries her purse around all the time. The one gift I think she'll really like is one I'm in the process of making. It's a shadow box. In it is a picture, an old black and white 8x10 that has been colored, of her when she was about 10. In it she is wearing a gold, stretchy heart locket bracelet (kind of like the stretchy watch bands but instead of a watch it's the heart locket) and a heart locket necklace. In going through all her jewelry I found the bracelet and the necklace. I'm putting all the pieces together and it's looking really great. I think she's really going to like this.

One unfortunate (to me) turn of events is that someone is giving her catalogs; stupid, dollar store type catalogs. She wants to buy stuff. I asked her to show me and she couldn't find the right one. I have all her credit cards and checkbooks; I give her cash. I told her I'd be happy to buy the stuff for her. No way in hell I'm giving her a credit card. And who puts dildos in a Walter Drake catalog??? WTF?? She had to show me that...she's very titillated by that stuff. Which I find very creepy. Ick and Eww.

I stuck around until she had to leave for dinner (4:30) and then home. She called me later in the evening. Seems her Dr. (who comes to the place to see people) was there visiting another patient. Mom cornered him and got him to take her bp/etc. She told him that I'd been asking. And having said that, it was so. She called to tell me all her "numbers were normal, but I can't tell you what they mean". This is a bit disturbing as her medical status has always been something she's spot on with. It could either be that she isn't fixated on it anymore (which I'm doubting) or that her dementia is slowly encroaching (which I suspect). *sigh*

The good thing is I know she's safe. She's well fed, she's being given her meds regularly and there is no self-medicating anymore. She's getting to know more of the other residents and seems to be making some friends. She isn't dwelling on the negatives and she seems to be happy. Mom's going to be 75 on Monday and I hope she's around for lots more years.