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Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 07:34 am
I have given up trying to do these everyday. I'm going to finish, but it might be around Christmas! Ha! I'm enjoying doing this and reading everyone else's.

I had this all ready to post on Sunday and Sunday got away with me. So technically it's for last week. I'm sure you won't care if I fudge.

It was week 3 of testing. Actually a bit easier as I only had 1/2 hour testing blocks and it was all the 1st and 2nd graders. And it was back to lunch duty. Truthfully? It's just easier if I do lunch duty all the time. Keeps it consistent for the kids and they know what to expect and how to act. When someone new comes in they think they can get away with murder.

I still had to go in early every day as testing started at 9:15 and it takes 1/2 an hour to set up the lab. I'm supposed to be getting comp time for all the overtime, even got an official email stating same. I have to "make sure it doesn't interfere with my duty" though. Which means no actual days off. I can leave early or come in late. I truly question whether accruing sick/vacation days is worth it sometimes. His Lordship and I figured we have 7 more years to pay on the house, so I have to work at least that much longer. Hope I make it.

My kitchen is in a state of disarray as we are still in the midst of home improving it. We got the door in, the drywall up and mudded and then the texture on. His Lordship broke out the paint and, poopie, discovered after painting that we had the wrong color. He went to Sears to get another gallon and, double poopie, Sears doesn't sell paint anymore. Off to Home Depot to pick out new paint. The kitchen is staying white as we have dark green tile backsplash and I eventually want to get a dark green Corian countertop for the island. We also plan on painting the ratty cabinets green as well, though not dark. White walls for the win.

Sunday we went back to Home Depot (our favorite store) and purchased all the Pergo laminate flooring. Tonight His Lordship and our friend P are going to start putting it down. His Lordship has started his holiday push at work and Sunday was his last day off for the foreseeable future. We're okay with that (money!), but the timing sucks. They figure they can put the floor down over two evenings. I've mentioned before that the kitchen is huge and they have the island to work around. They'll put the easy part in tonight.

Went to visit my mom on Sunday as well. She's doing great, as far as I can tell. She was in the community "living" room watching a movie (Free Willy) on the new flat screen TV with a few other ladies. I watched the last 1/2 hour with them. Then we went to her room. It's still clean and clutter free, except for her table where she sits. She pulls herself up to it and it's more like her desk. The piles are getting higher and soon, I'll have to help her sort through stuff. Maybe I can get her some desk organizers to help her. We'll see. Her birthday is next month, that would be a good reason to get them.

I brought her some of the jewelery she'd been asking me about. She made me wrap the bag I brought her in a blanket and hide it in the closet. She is absolutely convinced someone is going to steal all her stuff. She's always been paranoid about someone taking things from her, the house in Tucson is locked up like Fort Knox.

She had to go to dinner then and when we got to the dining room her table mate was leaving, so I sat with her until I needed to go and make our dinner. The community is having an Oktoberfest on Saturday and I think I'll go over with her for awhile. She still isn't wearing her leg so I don't know how that's going to work. I mentioned Thanksgiving and we'll see.

Saturday I went to an all day scrapbooking crop. I'll talk about that in another post. I'm running out of time this morning.

All in all it was a fairly chaotic week. I'll be glad when we can just relax and watch tv (what's that??) in the evening.

Day 01 - Introduction
Day 02 – Your first love, in great detail
Day 03 – Your parents, in great detail
Day 04 – What you ate today, in great detail
Day 05 – Your definition of love, in great detail
Day 06 – Your day, in great detail
Day 07 – Your best friend, in great detail
Day 08 – A moment, in great detail
Day 09 – Your beliefs, in great detail
Day 10 – What you wore today, in great detail
Day 11 – Your siblings, in great detail
Day 12 – What’s in your bag, in great detail
Day 13 – This week, in great detail
Day 14 – What you wore today, in great detail
Day 15 – Your dreams, in great detail
Day 16 – Your first kiss, in great detail
Day 17 – Your favorite memory, in great detail
Day 18 – Your favorite birthday, in great detail
Day 19 – Something you regret, in great detail
Day 20 – This month, in great detail
Day 21 – Another moment, in great detail
Day 22 – Something that upsets you, in great detail
Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better, in great detail
Day 24 – Something that makes you cry, in great detail
Day 25 – A first, in great detail
Day 26 – Your fears, in great detail
Day 27 – Your favorite place, in great detail
Day 28 – Something that you miss, in great detail
Day 29 – Your aspirations, in great detail
Day 30 – One last moment, in great detail


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