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Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 02:00 pm
And it's really long! And with pictures (I hope!)

I want to say it was a post by [personal profile] teragramm that got me thinking about perfume. The first one I can remember using was Avon's Field Flowers:

and also what my mom used, Somewhere by Avon:

and yes, I had that bottle.

Another Avon smell was Sweet Honesty:

Yup, I had that jug.

As I got older, I moved on to Love's Baby Soft (didn't we all?):

I thought I was very sophisticated using Emeraude:

Back to being Sheeple with Charlie:

And then I hit high school, emphasis on high. Went right for the musk:
and saved the Patchouli for special times, heh:

I think someone gave me Chloe as they were sick of the musk:

I really loved this scent while I was in college, Anais, Anais:

Going out to party? Giorgio of course!:

When I got married, I picked my Poison:

I still love this.

When I was pregnant and when The Heir was wee I was all about Sunflowers:

That got old and too strong for the littles and I moved to Cool Water:

I still like this.

As I got older, although I still enjoy certain scents, it got to be a bit much. I moved to The Body Shop and Bath and Body Works:

this goes well with Mary Kay's Warm Amber:

and I use this a lot. I really like Jasmine!

My go-to summer scent? Lavender! Suave makes a lovely Lavender and Vanilla:

I seem to skew back and forth between really strong and really light scents. I'm Yin and Yang I guess!


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